Small change. Huge Impact Business Calibration

Who we are

We at Auxin believe in change that drives to growth. Small tweaks that have a huge impact that need to be calibrated into your organization to deliver more.
We deliver services spread over a broad spectrum. From Security testing, block chain security, Network or application security, to social media, target marketing, SEOs, brand building, and to Business strategy, Marketing strategy, people management, process & procedures, operational management, sales enhancements, promotions, brand development, portfolio designs, content writing.
All simplified for you and grouped under the following:
•Cyber Security – Secure your cyberspace, secure your digital life.
•Digital Solutions – For greater and controlled market reach, having your own digital imprint.
•Business Transformation – Business calibration

What We Do

Highlighting some of our Services


Digital Marketing

As one good word can bring in potential customers, one bad one can also potentially harm your image. Have a Digital Strategy.

Cyber Security

Our dependency on technology necessitates us to be vigilant. We at Auxin help you list down the risks that you may accept and risks that are to be addressed. We help you secure your cyberspace and secure your digital life.


Data is abundant, and to use it is key, what is limited is time, and at Auxin our analytics team crunches numbers for you and generates reports that become your foundation for crucial decision making.

Having or revamping your own website

In this digital age, relevance is key. You need to be up to date when it comes to technology, have an appealing website, fully functional and eCommerce equipped.

People Strategy

People are never a liability; they are an asset that you have invested in and they need to be taken care of. Every person is talented some way or the other, you need to place the right person for the right task to achieve goals. From having a strategy to helping you in Recruitments we at Auxin are here to help.

App Development

From why you need it, to deploying UX specialists, everything in pre-design to design, to building prototype and having user testing done, then onto developing an app that delivers your requirements and continuous support. We at Auxin are here for you. All the links in the boxes should redirect to the relevant Sub Service page.
Our Recent Work

Effective Case Studies

BE Analysis & Feasibility Study

Our client wanted to know the business feasibility and BE Analysis to see if opening a restaurant was a worthy projec

Analysis & Reporting

We are the research wing of this client and we crunch numbers and produce high level management reports. We start by cru

Appealing Website

Appealing Website with an ordering mechanism built in for a Restaurant in the Middle East.

Catalog Development

For a company that deals with Networking Products, with a product range of over 100 products, our client wanted us to de

Social Media Marketing

For this reputed school we have managed their various Social Media Handles, from timely postings to guidance on SMM Stra

Recruitment Project

Key positions require the best fit to be hired. For our client we had filtered CVs and arranged interviews and help reso

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